SP: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Bitcoin?

September 20th, 2018

SP: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Bitcoin?

Since the launch of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has been gaining its’ popularity all over the world. In 2009, Bitcoin was just a cryptocurrency. Nowadays, it’s a sensation, an innovation, and a promising financial tool for the future.

 Almost 22 million users have set up wallets globally, and that number is rising. According to recent research, almost 5% of the US citizens hold the Bitcoin and altcoins. Cambridge University studies show that there are approximately 2.9 to 5.8 million active Bitcoin users. Countries are adapting their legal services to the blockchain, crypto ATMs and payment services are emerging all over the countries.


It seems like we’re already living in a crypto-friendly future. But you’d be amazed to know, how many people misuse their Bitcoin.

Make More of Your Bitcoin

Let me guess you wanted to invest in Bitcoin and just bought one? And now you’re holding on to it, waiting for some miracle to happen. Holding onto a cryptocurrency is also a strategy, but it’s a stagnating strategy, and you should be getting even more of your crypto.

Start trading on Exchange Platforms

 Platforms like Coinbase or Bitcoin of America are most popular among crypto lovers. A lot of Bitcoin enthusiasts wait for the price changes to buy or sell the cryptocurrency to earn some profit. It’d be smart to be updated about the latest changes and news in the crypto industry to know when’s the price is going to drop and when it is the right time to buy Bitcoin.

 Keep in mind that if you’re a US resident, engaged in crypto exchange platforms since 2017, you may have to pay some taxes. Calculating Bitcoin-related taxes is hard, so you might need some help from Taxact Bitcoin calculator.


Find Micro Jobs

 Find a small job that requires you to do a few tasks in order to get Bitcoin. This kind of jobs includes testing a plugin to see if it works on your browser. Also, you could be tasked to retweet a post, make a comment, write about some services on your personal profile on social media, etc. Money earned this way is small, but there’s a chance you’ll get lucky and find a dream job paying in Bitcoin.

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Start selling your Bitcoin Offline

 You’d be amazed to know how many people work as intermediaries between Bitcoin suppliers and those who want to have Bitcoin. You can get commissions for your work, or just sell your own Bitcoin and find a profit.


Sell your Goods and Services in Exchange for Bitcoin

 Getting salary in Bitcoin is not a dream anymore. You can actually sell your products, old stuff, clothes, handmade things or services (writing, illustrating, etc). You’ll get your payment in Bitcoin and use it as you please. 

Get started on BitcoinTalk

If you’re experienced in Crypto industry, then I shouldn’t be explaining what BitcoinTalk is. But if you’re new to this field, know that BitcoinTalk is the largest forum for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency lovers. And one of the reasons it’s so popular is the fact that you can find a lot of ways to use your Bitcoin there. You can even engage in such activities that will earn you more Bitcoins.

 You can start writing for a company with crypto services, use referral links to attract customers to a company, or just get started with signature campaigns. Signature campaigns are kind of an advertisement for some company who’d like to appear on your posts and comments.

 There are still so many ways of using Bitcoin and we aren’t engaged in them. Holding onto a coin is also a good strategy, but for the future use. Remember that stagnation is not a good sign in any field. Try to improve your Bitcoin usage and get the most out of it.

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