Month: July 2019

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Month: July 2019 / July 15th, 2019

Bitcoin ATM expands to Indianapolis and Baltimore

The number of Bitcoin ATMs have grown at an exponential rate with most cities in the US bagging the highest number of BTMs. This growth is attributed to the machine’s efficiency and the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. People are looking for cheaper and faster ways of getting Bitcoins other than the Bitcoin exchanges. Bitcoin of […]

buy bitcoin
Month: July 2019 / July 3rd, 2019

Number of Bitcoin ATMs Has Reached An All-Time High

With the increased use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there arose a need for ways to exchange cryptocurrencies to conventional methods of payment. Since the popularity of cryptocurrencies has outgrown the pace at which companies are accepting this type of payment, people are demanding bitcoin exchanges and so-called BTM’s (ATM’s for cryptocurrency). Even though giant […]

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