Month: May 2019

Month: May 2019 / May 30th, 2019

Bitcoin Sets a New Price Record for 2019

Bitcoin BTC has set a new yearly high, reaching as high as $8,905 before slightly retracing. Apparently, BTC has gained over 40% of the balance since the start of the year, a performance that is close to 45% from the lows recorded last year in mid-December. According to Coin Market Cap (CMC), the price rally was […]

Month: May 2019 / May 29th, 2019

Bitcoin of America is Releasing Bitcoin Tablets in Major Cities

Bitcoin, the world’s top ranked cryptocurrency according to coin market capitalization, has gained so much popularity ever since it was created by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. Almost everyone across the globe has at least a slight idea about this digital currency and a good number of people are actually using it. Cryptocurrency Exchangers such as […]

Month: May 2019 / May 20th, 2019

5 Cryptocurrency Trends For 2019 That You Need To Know

When Bitcoin first emerged, no one really expected it to go BOOM! Well, almost no one … There were a few savvy investors that were willing to take a risk on Bitcoin (i.e. the Winklevoss Brothers). But it’s 2019 and Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency around anymore. So, what are the newest cryptocurrency trends and […]

Month: May 2019 / May 6th, 2019

Can Digital Currencies Replace Credit Cards?

Almost everyone owns a credit card nowadays. They are convenient, easy and help you shop for items online and offline. With the growing popularity of digital currencies like Bitcoin many new businesses and merchants have started accepting it as a mode of payment. Online exchanges are coming up where you can trade Bitcoins using any […]

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