1900 Store Payment Locations

Bitcoin of America reached out to 1900 payment locations willing to collect payment for our client’s trades. To purchase bitcoin using the store payment location method, simply create an order, enter your bitcoin wallet address, and go to the store location to make the payment. All trades are time-stamped and confirmed in our trading platform. Hence, you will always know the time and amount of your trades. In addition, you will receive an SMS on your phone with the relevant order information. The SMS will include instructions on completing your order at the store payment location.

Once you choose to purchase bitcoin using a store payment location (you make this payment in person and in cash), you can go to the location and pay for your order. All instructions, payment details, and store locations are visible on the BUY BITCOIN tab. The instructions will include the store locations, name, number, addresses and all payment information needed to complete your order.

Buying bitcoin from Bitcoin of America using the 1900 store payment locations has never been easier.

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